TRACY MARQUIS Senior Architect

Education Union College & University of Maryland

Skills AIA, LEED AP, Sustainability Consulting, Historic Preservation 15+


A licensed architect, Tracy has been practicing for almost 15 years. Her work does not represent a specific style, but rather represents an approach to design that embraces the user’s needs, the site’s heritage and context, and the project’s performance and impact. With extensive experience in the field during construction, Tracy understands the complexities of construction, and strives to find the best value for her projects through the balance between design, craft and cost.

Throughout her education on and career, Tracy has focused her efforts on both Historic Preservation, the interest that initially brought her to architecture, and sustainability, a movement that is driving change within the industry. She brings her passion for our past and conviction in a sustainable future to all of her projects. Tracy’s ability to model and analyze complex built forms and architecture is essential to SKA’s service to our clients.  Through her insight SKA can provide thoughtful and accurate solutions from big to small on each project.