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Huron Village Renovation & Huron Village Garage

In this Huron Village Renovation, SKA gut renovated the 1920’s 2 family home. Adding a 3rd Floor level, with a streetside balcony, and  woven cedar shingle corners with sweeps to give the boxy home a little more character. The cohesion of the front façade is now more evident and the house addresses the street and community in a more inviting manner.

In this west Cambridge Deck Renovation, the intent of the renovation was to take a dark covered porch and expand the size of the deck to provide a more usable outdoor room, while also bringing more light into the back of the home. The Modern detailing of the deck creates a mullet effect of traditional up front, and modern in the back.

This forlorn Carport was reimagined by SKA to become a modern garage, with a green roof on top. The existing garage was damaged beyond repair in the historic snows of the winter of 2014-2015, and SKA reimagined the garage as a modern accessory to the shingle style house. The minimalist Ipe siding with exposed structural roof beams that support a 6” deep green roof atop the structure.


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