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In Progress: 43 Reservoir St.

Our client moved into this grand, historic Cambridge home and wanted to update the exterior and screen traffic noise between the road and the house. SKA detailed a stepping Blue Mountain Granite retaining wall that incorporated evergreen plantings to help buffer the noise from the road, limit exposure to the headlights of oncoming cars, and provide privacy for the first floor and front yard. The new wall offers a clear delineation of public and private space, while also informing where the front entry is for the home. Importantly, it preserves the historic integrity of the property, while resolving practical, modern-day issues.

West Cambridge Kitchen Renovation

This West Cambridge house was updated with a renovation to the entry hallway that opens up the space and offers better sight lines to the back of the home. In addition, an unused space was transformed into a well-utilized office, and the kitchen was tastefully overhauled.

West Cambridge New Construction

The previously existing house was torn down and replaced with new construction drawn from a more contemporary design that hints at classic New England architecture, as well as new landscaping, site design, and updated amenities. The new structure enhances the neighborhood’s aesthetic and takes greater advantage of the property and views afforded by the second and third stories.

In Progress: 175 Coolidge Hill

Our client purchased a speculative development house near Shady Hill School in Cambridge and wanted to customize a series of elements within the home. SKA transformed an awkward closet into a spacious office with a live-edge, English Elm desktop. The blend of natural lines with the crisp shaker panels on the desk combine to create a functional workspace that has the feel of being up in a treehouse. The kitchen and living space received a more contemporary update and the addition of a functional and elegant island. The garage was bolstered by more efficient storage solutions, an unused nook was transformed into a modern bath, and customized storage was designed for the client’s growing family. Finally, the property received a much-needed cleanup and lush lawn installation.

Avon Hill Renovation

This structure, originally a car repair garage, was redesigned by Paul Rudolph in the 1950s for a residential client. The property had fallen into disrepair when our clients purchased it in 2014. SKA worked as the project manager and oversaw the dramatic restoration of this unique property that brought it back to life.

*design credit- Charles Myers and Partners

Huron Village Renovation & Garage

In this Huron Village renovation, SKA gut-renovated this 1920s, two-family home. The addition of a third floor with a street-side balcony and woven cedar shingle corners with sweeps give the boxy home a lot more character. The cohesion of the front façade is now more evident, and the house addresses the street and community in a more inviting manner.

At the rear of the home, the intent of the deck renovation was to take the dark covered porches and expand the size to provide more usable outdoor rooms, while also bringing more light into the space. The modern detailing of the deck juxtaposed with the more traditional feel of the front represents a flawless fusion of two aesthetics. When the existing forlorn garage was damaged beyond repair in the historic snows of the winter of 2014–2015, SKA reimagined the structure as a modern accessory to the shingle-style house, with minimalist Ipe siding and exposed structural roof beams that support a 6-inch deep green roof atop the structure.

Huron Village Extension

The clients of this two-family home had underutilized their small rear porches for years, primarily using them as storage spaces. SKA redesigned the three-season porches as fully heated and cooled rooms within the home, making them much more functional and attractive.

Superfine Restaurant

This restaurant façade in Manchester by the Sea had been a homely coffee shop for decades and was in dire need of a refresh. SKA redesigned the front entry to bring more light into the restaurant and to offer a historic nod to the original façade of the building.

Duxbury Summer House

This new construction, currently being framed, offers modern amenities and references traditional New England seaside architecture.

Agassiz Kitchen Renovation

The original kitchen in this home was messy and overflowing due to a serious lack of storage. A scientist by day and baker by night, our client needed a more inspiring and usable space for all her creations. SKA envisioned a clean, simple, organized layout that provided a more open space and invited more natural light where our client could create her amazing cakes.


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